Dev Team Pool: we provide 100% free education for the next generation of Cardano developers

We teach the basics of Cardano dapps development and QA. We assume that you already have some junior-level software development or manual QA experience. And we jump right into the Playground, Haskell, Plutus, and Marlowe.
We use the profits from the stake pool to fund our school.

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About Us

Dev Team Inc is a software development agency with main expertise in Web and Mobile apps development. Many of our team members have been huge fans of the idea of decentralization and, specifically, the Cardano Platform for many years. We decided to become more than just silent supporters, and we moved into Web3 and DApps development. On our road, we try to convert as many engineers as possible into our belief!

Dev Team Inc
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Our Pool

Join us to support the growth of the Cardano platform!


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Sun, Oct 30, 2022, 12:15:12


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Meet Our Students

We are proud of our students

Egor Garkavy Plutus developer

Egor has been working with us since the foundation of Dev Team Inc. Egor is experienced developer in .NET/Angular stack who decided to dive to Web 3.0

Nikita Hripach Haskell developer

Nikita is talented student who is getting education at the university at the moment. Nikita is diving to Web 3.0 from Haskell and Plutus learning

Andrew Mikhaylovskiy Haskell developer

Andrew is a new talented student in Dev Team Inc and fan of the idea of decentralization. Andrew is the one who will go through our school and get knowledge of DApps development

Vladislav Gubanov Manual QA

Vlad is QA engineer in Web development sphere. Vlad interested in Web 3.0 studying to improve his QA skills

Andrew Poklyak Plutus developer

Andrew's main task is to find new talents for Dev Team Inc. Andrew is learning dapps development to stay in the flow of Web 3.0 changes

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